Demo on Adding and Activating Sub-Step for GAF Applications in FPM

By B.Manoj Kumar

In this tutorial we will learn on Adding a Sub Step to a GAF Application and how to activate it by writing necessary code.

The application, used in this tutorial is a demo without any real business logic, due to the fact that we want to concentrate on necessary setting and logic on adding and activating a substep.

1 . Go to SE80 and create a WebDynpro Application. Name it as “ZDEMO_SUBSTEP”.

2 .  Enter a name for Window as “WIN_MAIN_1”  and View as “VIEW_1”.             

3 . Double click on component name and go to “Implemented Interface”  tab and enter “IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK” and press Enter.     

4 . Click on “Reimplement”.

5 . Now, Go to “View_1” and create a page header and set its title as “Main_View-1”.

6 . Create another view and name it as “VIEW_2”.                       

7 . In “VIEW_2” , create a page header and set its title as “MAIN_VIEW_2”. 

8 .  Create a new window and name it as “WIN_MAIN_2”.

9 .  Make sure that “VIEW_1” is embedded “WIN_MAIN_1”   and “VIEW_2” is embedded in “WIN_MAIN_2”. 

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