Quick help in Floor Plan Manager (FPM) applications

By B.Manoj Kumar

You can use this function in a floorplan to provide application users with a helpful explanation of a subview, initial screen, main step, or substep at runtime. The quick help is only displayed if the user has activated it using the context menu.

There are two ways to create quick help:

1. Creating Quick Help as Direct Text

2. Creating Quick Help Linking to a Documentation Object

Creating Quick Help as Direct Text :

1 . Go to the FloorPlan component configuration screen. It may be OIF or GAF or OVP component configuration screen. Here I am using OIF component.     

2 . Click on “Add Explanation” button on the right.

3 . The following screen is displayed where we can add Quick help for SubView in the OIF component.

4 . Enter the help text in ‘Text’ field .

5 . Click ‘Save’ and Test the application.

6 . Right click on anywhere in the application, and from the context menu click ‘Display Quick Help’.


7 . The quick help is displayed on the top.

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