ABAP WebDynpro - Exporting Internal Table contents to an Excel File

By Swarna Ramya R, Wipro


     One should have the Basic Knowledge about WebDynpro ABAP. 


     To Export the Internal Table Values from the Browser to the Excel File. 


1. Create one WebDynpro Application ZWA_EXPORT_EXCEL, and Save it in the ‘Local Object’. 


2. In the View Tab, go to Context. Right Click the Context and Select Create à Node. 


3. Give the Node Name as AIRLINE and Cardinality as 0..n and Supply Function as FILL_AIRLINE. Then Press Enter. 

4. Inside the Node AIRLINE, Create one Attribute by Right Clicking that Node and Select Create à Attribute.

5. Give the Attribute Name as ID, with Type S_CARR_ID. Then Press Enter. 


 6. Create Another Node under the Context by Right Clicking the Context and Select Create à Node. 

7. Give the Node Name as SFLIGHT with Dictionary Structure SFLIGHT with Cardinality 0..n and Press ‘ Add Attribute from Structure ‘. 


8. Select the Component CARRID, CONNID, FLDATE, CURRENCY and PLANETYPE and Press Enter. 


9. In the Layout Tab of the View, Right click the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER and give Insert Element. It will open a Pop-Up for Creating an Element. 

10. Enter DROPDOWN_AIRLINE in the Name Field and Select DropDownByIndex in the Type Field and Press Enter. 

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