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Run Executable files from Web Dynpro ABAP using Acfexecute


Source code:


   DATA: root_element   TYPE REF TO if_wd_view_element,

              root_container TYPE REF TO cl_wd_transparent_container.


   IF first_time = 'X'.

     root_element = view->get_root_element( ).

     root_container ?= root_element.

*   init GAC control

     wd_this->m_control = cl_wd_acf_execute=>new_acf_execute( ).

     wd_this->m_control->set_enabled( abap_true ).

     wd_this->acf_method_handler ?= wd_this->m_control->_method_handler.

*   Create AcfExecute UI

     cl_wd_matrix_data=>new_matrix_data( element = wd_this->m_control ).

     root_container->add_child( wd_this->m_control ).



Now create a method CALL_ACF_EXECUTE.

Double click and also create the parameters for the method APPLICATION and ARGUMENTLIST of type string. And write the below code

Source code:



   DATA: lo_el_context      TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element,

             lo_el_context_stru TYPE wdr_ext_attribute_pointer,

             lr_acf_exp         TYPE REF TO cx_wd_acf_exception,

             lv_msg_text        TYPE string.




       lo_el_context = wd_context->get_lead_selection( ).

       lo_el_context_stru-attribute_name = 'ERROR'.

       lo_el_context_stru-element = lo_el_context.

       wd_this->acf_method_handler->if_wd_acfexecute~execute( application  application

                                                                                             argumentlist = argumentlist

                                                                                             errorinformation = lo_el_context_stru ).

   CATCH cx_wd_acf_exception INTO lr_acf_exp.


       lv_msg_text = lr_acf_exp->if_message~get_text( ).

*       get message manager

       data lo_api_controller     type ref to if_wd_controller.

       data lo_message_manager    type ref to if_wd_message_manager.


       lo_api_controller ?= wd_This->Wd_Get_Api( ).


       CALL METHOD lo_api_controller->GET_MESSAGE_MANAGER


           MESSAGE_MANAGER = lo_message_manager.


*       report message

       CALL METHOD lo_message_manager->REPORT_SUCCESS


           MESSAGE_TEXT = lv_msg_text.





6. Now go the on action method(ONACTIONOPEN_NOTEPAD) of the button previously created in main view

Double click the write the below code

DATA lv_application TYPE string.
"MS notepad application path
    lv_application = 
*  Call Execute method
    wd_this->call_acf_execute( application = lv_application ).      

I have specified the location of the executable file as in my system .Use you own file location in case if it is different.

7. Right click on WebDynpro Component and click on Create WebDynpro Application.

8. Activate the program and execute the program


On click on the button the notepad opens

If the file does not opens it means it is on in white list or blocked to unblock it go to tcode WDR_ACF_WLIST

Create a white list and specify the system application location

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