Enhancing Standard Web-dynpro Component

By Raja Narayanan, Kaavian System Pvt Ltd


This document helps to enhance the standard web-dynpro component for custom requirements.   

1). Open any Standard Webdynpro Component to enhance. For our example the standard webdynpro component “DemoTree” is used here.


2) If you want to Enhance a method or design a layout on the View, then select the View and then select the View -> Enhance from the menu bar.


3) Give the Enhancement Name and Description and save it.

4) After saving you can see the view is in inactive state and in the status bar you can see “Enhancement implementation ZEI_DEMO_TEST created”.


5) If you navigate to method tab, you can see Pre-Exit, Post-Exit, & Overwrite Exit.

a)Pre-Exit – If you write code in this method, it will execute before the standard method executes.

b)Post-Exit – If you write code in this method, it will execute after the standard method executes.

c) Overwrite Exit – If you write code in this method, the standard method will be overwritten by this method and only the overwrite exits will work. 


6) Just click on the create button on anyone of the method based on requirement and write your code and activate it and execute the application.

Please send us your feedback/suggestions at webmaster@SAPTechnical.COM 

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