Dynamically selecting the view from the browser through webdynpro application parameter

By Gurunath P & Arun Kumar C, Kaavian systems

In this scenario we are selecting the view at run time .The user can give the input via URL 

1. Create a new webdynpro interface and give the window name and view name  


2. Create another view  



3. In view V_One create a Text view to display some text to identify the view



Click on property and give the text for TextView element



4. Create a inbound plug for this view as ‘ip_v_one’

5. Repeat the steps 3 & 4 for second view also.

6. Now create a webdynpro application to run this application    



7. In the parameter tab, create a parameter ‘target_view’ and set the value ‘one’


8. Now create two outbound plugs named ‘op_to_v_one’ and ‘op_to_v_two’ in the window ‘w_default’.

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