How to dynamically create, edit, display UI elements in WebDynpro

By Laxmi Kedia, TCS


1)     Create one component

2)     Provide the name of the component ‘zmain_component’

3)     Save it as local object.

4)     Once the component is created, create one label and one input field.

5)     Create one interface, providing interface named ’zinterface’

6)     In the component’zmain_component’ in ‘used component’ provide the interface ‘zinterface’. We are going to use and instantiate this interface in this component.

7)     In the interface provide the method ‘Here methods are only declared and it will be defined by the component which is going to implement this interface.

8)     Provide the parameters to the method defined.

9)     In the main  component ‘zmain_component’  within componenet controller declare one  global attribute lo_interface of type ref to ‘the interface defined ’.You will get this by clicking on interfacecontroller of the interface”Field name is ABAP interface’.

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