Download/Upload WebDynpro Component

By Sravanthi

This scenario explains about how to Download and Upload the web dynpro component. In this scenario, the Component (ZDEMO_TABLE_URLS) is used to download as well upload.  

Step1: Go to SE80. Select the component which has to been downloaded.  

Step2: Go to SE38 ->  Program: ZSAPLINK and Execute the program

Step3: Below Screen is displayed

Step4: Select the Slinkee Tab.

Select àExport Object to Slinkee

                  Object Type: WDYN from the entries  

                  Object Name: ZDEMO_TABLE_URLS(Webdynpro Component)   

Step5: After providing the Object Type and Object Name. Execute

Step6: Give the destination where the component need be download and the Object is available with.slnk extension. This is how the webdynpro component is downloaded.

Upload Webdynpro Component

Step1: Go to SE38 à Execute à ZSAPLINK program.

Select àImport Slinkee

Slink File Name: Select the file name from the desktop.

Check the Overwrite Originalsàto replace the existing Component with the new Component.

Step2: Select the file name which has to be uploaded from the destination place.

Step3: After giving the file name. Click on Execute.

Step4: Once the file is uploaded the following message is displayed as shown below. Go to SE80 and the component is available, Activate the Component, Create the Application and Test the Application.

Note: Application cannot be downloaded.

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