Dialog Boxes in Web Dynpro Applications (Web Dynpro for ABAP)

By TulasiNagaratnam Palnati, Yash Technologies

The Task

The starting point is the application for sending an e-mail. This application contains an input form for the e-mail addresses of the sender and the recipient, the subject, and the text.

The task of this tutorial is to assign functions to the To, Search (Google), and Send Email pushbuttons (see figure).  

If you choose to, a new Web Dynpro window containing a simple address book is displayed in a dialog box. If you select an address in this dialog box, this is written to the input field for the recipient address.  

If you choose Search (Google), an external window, which is assigned a URL address (for example, http://www.google.com), opens.  

If you choose Send Email, a confirmation dialog box containing two pushbuttons appears. Ok closes the dialog box and new email closes the dialog box and deletes the content of the input form.


Create a WebDynpro Component

1. Create a new WebDynpro component by the name YDIALOGWINDOWS and view name is EMAILVIEW

2. Create Web Dynpro Application by the name Ydialogwindows



Create a Context to hold data in the component controller and define methods.

3. Double click on Component controller. Go to Context tab

4. Create Node Address book of cardinality 0..n with attributes Email and Name as of type String.

5. Create Node EMailSetting of Cardinality 1..1 with attributes TOADDRESS,FROMADDRESS,MSGBODY,SUBJECT as of type String.


6. The Context of the controller looks as below:

7. Declare the Global Variables gr_window of type IF_WD_WINDOW.

8. Declare the Methods ShowAddressbookPopup and HideAddressBookPopup in the Component Controller which are should be called in views.

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