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Custom Controller with Screen elements Functionality

By Sravanthi


In this Webdynpro Component creation of Custom Controller with some screen element functionality

1)     Custom Controllerà2 Nodes ( Input Search, Table), 2 Buttons(Edit, Search)

2)     Enable/Disable Functionality

Create a special attribute with WDY_BOOLEAN data type. This data type will accept 2 possible values

·         Abap_true(for Enable functionality)

·         abap_false(for Disable functionality)

3)     Visible/Invisible Functionality with WDUI_VISIBILITY.  This data type will accept 2 possible values

·          01(for Invisible functionality)

·          02 (for Visible functionality)

4)     Dynamic Page Header display  

 When View is loaded initially à       Page Header : Welcome, Input Search : Disable Table should be Invisible, Search button must be Disable.

Once user clicks on EDIT button à Search Button must be Enable and give the required values in the Input search.          

Table should be visible and with the records displayed based on Input Search Data.  

Page Header: Sales Details  

Output: View is loaded initially

Step1: Create a ComponentàZCUSTOM_CONTROLLER                           

Step2: Give the Description

Step3:  Component is created with View as default

Step4: Right Click on the Component Controller à Create à Custom Contoller

Step5: Controller à ZCUSTOM

Step6: Custom Controller is created within the component controller as shown below

Step7: Go to Custom Controller Context à Create a Node

Step8: Input Node with Cardinality : 1..1

Step9: For Node à Create Attribute

Step10:  Attribute Name : VBELNLOW type VBAK-VBELN

Step11:  Attribute Name : VBELNHIGH  type VBAK-VBELN

Step12:  Input Node with attributes

Step13:  Create another node

Step14:  Node : VBAK Cardinality : 0…n

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