Demo on Web Dynpro Configurator

By Neeraj kumar, Wipro Technologies

Webdynpro Configurator

This document demonstrates a scenario where the visibility of the UI element is controlled by using the Webdynpro configurator.  


Configuration modifies the behavior of a Web Dynpro component and application for all users of the application in the same way. A Web Dynpro component can have special parameters which steer the behavior of the component. A set of parameter values which define how the component should act is called a configuration, or configuration data record.  

Follow the below steps for the demo  

1.       Create a Webdynpro through SE80


2.       Create a Custom Controller with name ‘CUST_CONTR’ as shown in the below and save it

3.       Set the custom controller as Config controller as shown below

After setting as Config controller and saving the symbol of it changes as shown


4.       Create a node with name ‘ND_CONFIG’ with the below cardinality and selection

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