Usage of ALV Function elements and making a column editable (ABAP WebDynpro)

By Sirisha Vennelakanti, YASH Technologies 


Web dynpro application to demonstrate the usage of ALV functions and also to make a column editable. Below example have the following features

  1. lists the Materials in the ALV
  2. Has the options search, which will search the given Material.
  3. Material master data DG Indicator profile field is editable.
  4. After entering the DG profile indicator field for material(s), Material can be saved by hitting on ‘SAVE’ Button provided. 

This document is divided into two sections:

  1. Creating web dynpro component

  2. Creating the application


  1. Create the web dynpro component interface

      Transaction code: SE80

  • ¨       Mention the Name of Dynpro Component to be created

  • ¨       Let the Type Be Web Dynpro Component

  • ¨       Give The name of Window to Main Window as Shown 


  1. Create nodes for material input called Input_material, for Material details called MARA in the Component controller.

Define the node input_material in the component controller.  



3. Define node for material with dictionary structure MARA with cardinality 0..n. 


4. Choose fields for the MARA node.

5. Include ALV_TABLE in the used components  

6. Create a view to display the material details in ALV with options of

“SEARCH” – which will search the entered material and

“SAVE” – which saves the changed data on the ALV


7. Create a view container UI Element in the layout for the ALV display. 


Copy the context nodes INPUT_MATERIAL and MARA from the component controller to view controller. 


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