Coloring particular column of ALV table in Web Dynpro

By Karthick.R, Kaavian Systems

Step 1 :   Open SE80 transaction and create an object  


Step 2 :   Provide descriptions and save (Ctrl + S)  


Step 3 :

1.     Double click on component name

2.     Provide any relevant name in ‘Component Use’ column ,

‘SALV_WD_TABLE’ in the ‘Component’ column under the ‘Used Components’ tab and press Enter


Step 4 :

1.     Double click on Main view

2.     Press ‘Select controller usage’

3.     Select ALV component and press Enter


Step 5 :

1.     Double click on Component Controller

2.     Go to Context tab

3.     Right click context to create node


Step 6 :  Provide node name, dictionary structure, cardinality, lead selection and supply function for data retrieval. Press ‘Add Attribute from structure’ to add attributes in the node  


Step 7 :  Select required fields and press Enter  


Step 8 :  Go to methods tab and Double click supply function ‘Data Fill’.  


Step 9 :   Do uncomment the following code and insert the select query as given below to retrieve data  


Step 10 :

1.     Select Component Usage->ALV->Interface Controller

2.     Press ‘Controller Usage’ and select the component from the pop up window so that we can see the context of component controller


Step 11 :  Drag the node ‘Table’ of component controller  to the node ‘Data’ of interface controller  


Step 12 :  Double click main view, Go to layout tab, Right click ROOTUIELEMENT and select ‘Insert Element’ to insert new element  

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