Assistance class in Web Dynpro ABAP

By Archana Pawar, Infosys 


·         Generally in Web Dynpro ABAP, we write all the required logic within the component itself but we can write the necessary logic outside the component that is in a class and we can use that class as the assistance class in our Web Dynpro component.

·         So, in this BOK we demonstrate how to create assistance class for Web Dynpro application and use it to get the desired details.

We will take example of displaying the flights available and bookings displayed in ALV where Departure and Destination City and country are input.


A.    Creating class and coding the desired logic  

1.     Go to transaction se24 and create a class named as ‘ZCL_WDABAP_FLIGHT_MODEL’.

2.     Give Instantiation as ‘Public’ and class type as ‘Usual ABAP Class’. And save it.

3.     Class will be created as shown in the below screenshot.

4.     Create a public method ‘GET_BOOKINGS’ and press ENTER.

5.     Go to parameters and give IM_CARRID, IM_CONNID and IM_FLDATE as importing parameters.

These are the details that we get from the 1st ALV in the Web Dynpro application where we display the flights available for the provided departure and destination city/country.

6.     Give LT_BOOKINGS as Exporting parameter.

7.     Now, go to code editor and we need to write the logic to fetch the desired details from table SBOOK.

8.     Select all values from table SBOOK where CARRID, CONNID and FLDATE are from the flight details. Result will be stored in exporting parameter ‘LT_BOOKING’.

9.     Activate the class.

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