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Auto completion of values in the Input field in Webdynpro ABAP

By Kiruthika P, L & T Infotech


This article is to auto complete the values of input field as per user’s requirements and inputs. This objective can be achieved by applying some setting to the Properties (Suggest values) in the layout of particular application’s view. In this way, it is possible to improve the performance of the application by providing the possible chances of values as per his/her inputs.


To auto complete the values of input field as per user’s requirements and inputs in Webdynpro ABAP application.


In this application, first create a Webdynpro component and application with a input field.

Then do property settings for that input field

Part 1

1.     Create one Webdynpro Component

Go to SE80 -> Create Webdynpro component.  

Give name of Webdynpro component and click Display Icon.

Then it will show one pop up message to create the component.

Click Yes.  

2.     Create the component with view and window.

Give the description for Webdynpro component.  

3.     Save the component in local object or package.  

4.     Go to context to create a attribute which holds value for input field  


Enter attribute name and assign type to the attribute


5.     Go to Layout tab of main view. Next step is to create text Input field with label.



Now Click continue.  

6.     Then enter properties for Input field.

7.     Bind attribute with Input field as shown.

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