Creating FPM Applications with the ACT

By B.Manoj Kumar

ACT stands for ‘Application Creation Tool’.

It is a Web Dynpro Application provided by SAP to reduce the effort in creating new FPM Applications.

It allows application developers to create FPM applications and their corresponding configurations for all available floorplans (OIF, GAF, and OVP).

Let’s get started.

Now, we will create OIF Application using ACT.

Starting the ACT:

1. Go to SE80 and open the package ‘APB_FPM_CONF’.  

2.  Navigate to the Web Dynpro Applications folder in the hierarchy and choose the FPM_CFG_APPL_CREATION_TOOL Web Dynpro application.  

3 . Right-click on it and choose Test from the context menu.


4 . Now , the ACT tool opens in the browser.

In the field ‘Application Name’, you can enter the name of a

·         Existing WD Application  (or)

·         Create a New Application.

5 . Here I will create new Application, say ‘ZDEMO_ACT_FPM’ and give it a description.


6 . You can select the floorplan from the dropdown list, I am selecting OIF floorplan.        

7 . Now , in the ‘Proposed Configuration Names’ table, you can enter your own configuration names for each of Application, Floorplan and Header configurations or you can click on ‘Propose’ button on top.

I am using Propose button here.

In the description column, you can enter the descriptions for each configuration.

 8 8. Now hit ‘Create’ button.

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