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Overlapping of Main window with Footer window in Smart Forms

By Namrata Singh, Hitachi Consulting

Business Requirement:

Many a times, there is a business requirement to display the footer on the bottom of the last page. But at the same time, not wasting the unnecessary space occupied by the footer window on rest of the pages i.e. utilizing the main window to the fullest on every page. This document explains how to achieve this requirement in Smart Forms

Problem Area: Even after overlapping of main window with footer window and putting the condition “After the end of main window”, line items still overflows to the footer level of the page.

Solution: The issue faced after overlapping the main window with footer window can be achieved by creating a folder within the main window and using the events to check whether there is enough space to print the footer.

Following are the steps.

Step 1: Create a Secondary window say “Footer” which would be the footer window. Overlap the main window on the footer window as shown below. The footer window will be behind the main window.

Step 2: Create a folder within the main window say “Check_Footer”.

Go to Tab “Events”, select the checkbox “Footer with Height” and give the required height of the footer. Select the checkbox “at End of Table”. Specify the “Minimum height” as required.

Now, go to “Conditions” tab and select the checkbox “Only before end of main window”.   

This is basically done to check whether there is enough space to print the footer on that page. The Footer window would then print the output.

Step 3: Go to the created “Footer” window .Under the Conditions tab, select the checkbox “Only after end of main window”. Create a text which would display the footer data.

The final output: Output consists of 3 pages with the footer on the 3rd page.


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