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Restricting the translations of Smart form to specific languages

By Prasanna, Infosys


If you want to restrict translations to specified languages only and not to allow translations for other languages then in that case follow these steps.

Step 1:

Create a simple Smart form “ZSF_TRANSLAT” through transaction “SMARTFORMS”.

Initial screen will be displayed as below. In the initial screen select the radio button “Into selected languages” as highlighted below

Choose Language selection  button.

Step 2:

It will show a popup with list of all languages.

Select the languages as per your requirement.

I selected German (DE) and French (FR)

Choose continue

Step 3:

Create a text "%TEXT1" in MAIN window under page "%PAGE1"as shown below.

Save and activate the Smart form.

Step 4:

Go to transaction SE63 for doing translations.

In menu bar Choose Translations ->ABAP Objects -> Other Long Texts


Step 5:

A popup will be displayed for object selection. Here choose “SAP Smart Form” as highlighted below  

Step 6:

Next screen will be displayed.

Enter the Smart form name ZSF_TRANSLAT under object name and specify source and target language 

And choose “Edit” button.  Next screen will be displayed.

Give the translation text for German language

Choose "Save Active"

Step 7:

Now try to do translation for "Spanish" which we are not selected in step 2.

Then it will not allow to do translations and throws an error message says that  

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