Designing Tables in Smart Forms

By Venkat

Step1: T-code for smart forms is “SMARTFORMS”. Provide the name of the smart form.


And provide the short text for this smart form “YDEMO_TABLE”. 

Step2: Now go to Global definitions where we can define the Global data, Types, Initialization and etc.

Define Structure using Types Parameter as shown below. In Types parameters we usually define user defined data types. 


Step3:  Now define the internal table and work area in Global Data parameter. 


Step4: In Initialization parameter, we can write a code as shown below. We have to mention the output result in the output parameter so that we can use it further. Here in this case we are outputting IT_TAB and we are going to use this IT_TAB further in the Table painter. 


Step5:  Now we create a Table painter as shown below. 



Step6: Now we define number of table columns in %LTYPE1. Here, %LTYPE1 is renamed as LINE as shown below. 


Here, in this scenario we have to divide the LINE area into 4 columns as we have to display 5 columns. To draw a line we have to select Draw lines and columns button as shown above. 

Step7: Now we have to create Table line for Header and Main area of Table painter as shown below. 


Here we have to provide line type. Here, the line type is LINE. 

Step8: Provide the text for all columns. 


Step9: Repeat the same process to the Main Area too. 

Step10: Now Loop the internal table data as shown below. 


Step11: Save and activate the smart form. Execute the smart form now. The output is as shown below.

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