To print Transfer Order using smart forms instead of SAP script

By Dimpy Sethia, IBM India

To print transfer order from tcode LT31 we are required to do the configuration in tthe transaction OMNU. In the configuration we have to specify SAP Script instead of Smart forms.  

The following exercise demonstrates how we can use Smart forms instead of SAP script.                                                      

1.     Go to transaction CMOD and create a Project ZVLE00.

2.     Assign the enhancement  ‘MWMD0001’ .( Enables printing of Transfer Order via RLVSDR40)

3.     In the components section a function exit ‘EXIT_RLVSDR40_001’ will be generated with a custom include “ZXDRUUXX”.

4.     The custom include should call the smart form.  

Go to transaction CMOD and create the project ZVLE00.  


Give the description as follows:

Save the object as a local object.  

Go to Enhancement Assignment tab

Assign the enhancement MWMD0001 as shown below and save.  

Go to the Components tab

A function exit is generated with a custom include and is inactive as of now.  

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