Working with Smart Styles

By Swathi, Wipro

Scenario: In this demo, we would create a small text as shown below with outline numbering as shown below


Go to transaction “SmartStyles”


Enter a style name and click on Create. 

Following screen appears:


To create a paragraph, click on folder “Paragraph Formats” and click on Create (as shown in the above screenshot). 

Following pop-up appears: Enter a paragraph format name.


Enter a suitable description for your graph and enter the left margin value as 2 CH.


Now select the tab “Numbering and Outline”:

Enter the Top Outline Paragraph as the current paragraph name and select “1,2,3..” from the list for the Numbering Type. 


Now create another paragraph format P2 as per the above method. 

In the tab “Numbering and Outline” of P2, do the following:

Select the “Top Outline Paragraph” as “P1” and put the left delimiter as “.”. If the left delimiter is not mentioned, the values would be displayed as “11, 12, 13...” instead of “1.1, 1.2, 1.3…”


Also, in the same window, check the “Number Chaining” Box. If this is selected, the parent value would be displayed (like 1.1, 1.2, 2.1,2.2..). If this is not checked, only numbering would appear like 1, 2,3 without the parent number prefixing. 

Save and activate your Smart Style. 

Now go to transaction “SmartForms”. 

Create a Smart Form and create a text in the Main Window: 


Select the tab “Output Options” to mention the Smart Style to be used.

Now go to tab “General Attributes”. 

Select the icon “Txt Editor” (Though the text could be written directly on this screen, we are avoiding this method for easy understanding to the consultants who are used with SAP Script editor)


Now to change the editor, Click on “Goto” -> Change Editor


Here enter the desired text:


Return to the main screen of the Text. The screen would appear as follows:


Save and activate the Smart Form. Test run the Smart Form. Following would be the output:

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