Creating smartform for the pre-printed stationary

By Alka Khambra, Hitachi Consulting

Pre-printed stationary means, already a standard format of the form exists and we need print data as per the columns, rows in the format of the form. This form will be used as printing paper for smartform.  


Upload the pre printed form in SAP as logo is uploaded in the smartform by ‘SE78’.

Step 2:


Create smartform , then go to ‘Pages & windows’ -> ‘page1’->’Background Picture’ Tab

Select the pre printed form uploaded in step 1

We can select output mode as

1.     ‘Blank’ – It will display only smartform data.

2.     ‘Print Preview’ – It will display pre printed form uploaded along with smartform data only in Print preview.

3.     ‘Print Preview & Print’ – It will display & Print pre printed form uploaded with the smartform data both in Print preview & Print.

Since we have pre printed stationary (as the printer paper) so we should select ‘Print Preview‘ mode.

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