Passing data to the Smart Forms

Scenario: Let us take a simple scenario of passing Material Number and Material description from Driver program to the Smart Form. 

Go to transaction SMARTFORMS and create a Smart Form. 

To pass the values from the driver program to Smart Form, we need to define the form interface with the parameters to be passed on. 

Click on Global Settings à Form Interface. 



Now define the import parameters for MATNR and MAKTX (From table MAKT) 


Now create a Text in the Main window to display the above two parameters.


To add a field, we need to click on “Insert Field”. 


Enter the field names between the ‘&’ (Ampersand) as shown below:



Similarly create for Description. 


Save and Activate the Smart Form. Test run the Smart Form by clicking on Execute.


Enter the values as shown below and click on execute. 

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