Step-by-step approach in creating a PO Layout using Smart Forms

By Nageshwar, Satyam Computers

Smart Forms: 

Transaction Code for Create Smart Forms: SMARTFORMS

Transaction Code for Create Styles (Paragraph Formats, Character Formats, etc.,)  Used in Smart Forms: SMARTSTYLES 

Steps to be followed while creating Smart Forms: 

1.                   Enter the Form Name (e.x. ZEKKO_EKPO) and Press Create Button.

2.                   Enter Form Description and Select the “Output options” Tab à Enter the Page Format (e.x. DINA4) and Style (e.x.SF_STYLE_01).  

3.                   Double click the Form interface Left Sub-tree.

4.                   Enter the Import Parameters (The values that passed from the Print Program into the Form) (e.x. Company Code)

Parameter name            Type assignment           Reference type              Default value                  Pass value

COMPANY_CODE         TYPE                            EKKO-BUKRS                                                   R

5.                   Double click the Global definitions from the Left Sub-tree.

Assume that we are using two tables EKKO and EKPO in this example:

6.                   Click the “Types” Tab.

7.                   Enter the Code as following: 


8.                   Click the “Global data” Tab.

Declare the Internal Tables and Work Areas as follows:

9.                   Double click the “%PAGE1 New Page” in the Left Sub-tree.

10.               Change the %PAGE1 to “FIRST” or any name and Enter the Description (e.x. First Page).

11.               Select the Next Page as “FIRST”

12.               Select the “Output options” Tab and select the format of the page (Portrait or Landscape) and all other print attributes.

13.               Select the “Background Picture” Tab, and Enter the Name, Object and Id of the image file. (Before this step, go to SE78 and import the image first) for the Image which has to be appeared in the Background of the Script.

14.               If you want to add any LOGO in the First Page of the Script then right click the “FIRST New Page” in the Left Sub-tree from the Menu option “Create” à select the “Graphic”.

15.               Double click the “%Graphic1 New Graphic 1” in the Left Sub-tree.

16.               Give the Name and Description (e.x. Graphic = “COMP_LOGO” and Description = “LOGO WINDOW”)for the New Graphic Inserted.

17.               Enter Name, Object and ID for the Graphic image and Select the Color grid screen (BCOL) option button in the “General attributes” Tab.

Click - Output options Tab. Set Left and Upper Margins as given:

18.               Right click the “FIRST New Page” in the Left Sub-tree and from the Menu option “Create” à select the “Window”.

Double click the “%WINDOW1 New Window1” in the Left Sub-tree and enter the Window name and Description (e.x. Window = “ADD_WIN” and Description = “Address Window”)

 Set the Left and Upper margins for the ADD_WIN as follows:

19.               Right click “ADD_WIN Address Window” in Left Sub-tree and from the Menu option “Create” à select the “Program Lines”.

20.               Enter the Program Lines name and description (e.x. Program Lines = “ADD_FETCH” and Description = “FETCHING COMPANY ADDRESS”)

21.               Enter the Input Parameter as  COMPANY_CODE and Export Parameter as V_ADRNR in the “General attributes” Tab and write the select query as following:



            (Note: Before writing the select query first declare the Variable V_ADRNR in the Global definitions area as follows:

            V_ADRNR                     TYPE                T001-ADRNR. 

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