Attach Purchase Order as PDF and view the same in the transaction ME23

By Sakthivelan.T and Thrinath Kumar.K, Kaavian Systems


In this tutorial, I would attach the PDF of Purchase Order in the Attachment list of ME23. Here, am using the BAPI for creating the Purchase Order. And call the transaction ME23 and display the output in Smart forms.  

Step1:    Data Dictionary  

Create the Structure name as Z1018_EKPO_STU  


Create the another Structure name as Z1018_EKKO_STU  


Step2:  Smartforms  

Here I am using a Smart form created by own “Z490_PO” and attach the output of the same as a PDF in ME23. 

Click here to download the smart form in XML format.  

Step3:  ABAP Editor

Create a program with the code available here.

Step4:  Save and Activate it. You get the output like this:

(Note: Changes in the data also possible)  


Step5: Press F8. You will get the screen like this.  


Step6: Press F5.  


Step7:  Click the ‘Services for Object  


Step8:  Choose the ‘Attachment list  


Step9:  Double click on the Purchase Order Number.  


Step10:  You will get the final output in PDF format.  

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