Save Form Output in PDF format without code

By Shweta Chavan, Hitachi Consulting


Many times when we develop any output form (Smartform or SAPScripts) we need to save/download its output. In some cases like sometimes developer has to send the output to functional/user for testing or sometimes we need it for version comparison. To save form output normally we take print screen of output and save it in word document. But what if you know the trick to convert it into pdf format without code?

Many of us might know this trick to convert the form output into pdf. This article will let the new users know how they can convert the output to PDF format and save them on their desktop without any code. It’s always good & easy to maintain pdf files for output.

How to Do it?

1.     Whenever you see pop-up for print, select print option button .

Be sure you uncheck the print immediately option. If you won’t un-tick it then it will print the page. We need to create spool

Fill parameters like Spool request name, Suffix 1, Suffix 2; this will create spool request with given names.  

For some cases we directly get print screen like below. Uncheck the Print immediately button & check New Spool Request field. Also fill values for spool request name.

2.     For case scenario 1 in above, Save the values and come back to print screen. Now print the output by clicking on  or  button.  

3.     Now go to SP02 to check the spool request. Note down the spool no.  

4.     Go to SE38 and run program RSTXPDFT4.
Give Spool request number and path to save file. (If you don’t give path here, automatically save as pop up will come; you can select file path and given file name.)

5.     You can see file will get created with given name at given path.  

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