Using MS Word as Editor in SAP Script and Smart Forms

By Surekha

This document details the procedure in using Microsoft Word as editor in SAP Script / Smart Forms. 

In normal case, when you try opening the editor in Smart Forms, the following editor would appear:


Click on the editor button. The following editor appears: 


Now to change the above editor to MS Word, do the following: 

Go to transaction I18N  (Internationalization). 

Click on I18N Menu à I18N Customizing à I18N System Configuration (as shown in the screenshot below) 


The following screen appears:


If you would like to use MS Word Editor in both Script and Smartforms, then check the both checkboxes as shown below:


Click on Activate. 

The following popup appears (related to SAPScript Editor):


Click on Yes. Now the following popup appears (related to Smartforms Editor):


Click on Yes to proceed. 

Now the MS Word editor is available for both SAP Script and Smartforms. 

Result: In the SmartForms: 


In SAP Script:


You can anytime revert to old editor by deactivation MS Word editor option using the transaction I18N.

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