Getting started with Smart Forms (Building a simple application)

By Sunitha

Go to transaction “Smartforms”.


Enter a name for the form and click on Create.  

Enter a short description for the form. 


In this example, we will print a simple text using our form. To create a text, expand “Pages and Windows” à New Page. Select Main Window and Right click on that. Select Create à Text


Give a name to the text and short description. 

Also enter the text you want to see on the form. 


SAVE and Activate the Smart form. 

To know the function module that is generated upon activation of this smart form, click on Environment à Function module name. 


Following popup with the function module would appear. 


Test the smart form by clicking on Test. You would be navigated to the function builder with the function module defaulting to the one that is generated earlier. 


Click on execute. 


Since we do not have any parameters to pass on, click on Execute. 

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