Solution to the exercise on printing Invoices

By T.N.Swapna, YASH Technologies

Let us print an Invoice whose output will be as follows: 


Step 1 :

Go to Transaction ‘SMARTFORMS’ from the SAP Easy Access Screen.


Give the Smart Form name which starts with Y or Z and click on Create.


Step 2 :

Rename Page1 as FIRST by expanding the node Pages and Windows, double click on the node %PAGE1.

As per the Requirement we need to have 5 windows.

  1. 1st window for displaying Logo
  2. 2nd window for displaying Billing Document Details
  3. 3rd window for displaying Customer Details
  4. 4th window for displaying the Item Details and the Total Amount
  5. 5th window for displaying the Footer Details 

Of all these windows the Main window i.e. the window, which holds the Item Details is already defined. So let us now create the other windows. 

Step 3 :

Expand the node FIRST to see the main window. Now to create the Logo window.

The following screen appears. Ensure that the window type is Secondary. Now Rename WINDOW1 as LOGOWIN by double clicking on the node %WINDOW1.

The following screen appears.

Repeat the same for creating remaining windows. After creating the remaining windows the screen should look like this:

Step 4 :

Now go to the Form Painter by clicking on the button  present on the application toolbar. Adjust all the windows as per the requirement.

You can close the Form painter by pressing the button   .

Step 5 :

Now let us place a Graphic into the LOGOWIN (Logo Window).

For that we need to first import the image from the local system. To do this Go to transaction SE78 from the SAP Easy Access screen. The initial screen for Administration of Form Graphics appears. Expand the node GRAPHICS and select Bitmap images. Select the Radio Button Color for uploading Colored images.

Now Click on Import Button in order to import an image from your system.

A pop up appears. Give the File path in the File Name, Enter a Name and Description as shown below and   Continue.

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