Easy steps to debug a Smartform

By Richa Gupta, Sparta Consulting


It’s very difficult and time taking process to understand the flow of the code and to trace internal tables and variables in Smartform. If you need to debug a smart form and you are not authorized to open SMARTFORM in edit mode then you can refer Easy Step to Debug a SMARTFORM.  


This document is helpful for the beginners in ABAP and trying to debug a Smartform. It also provides the some relevant information which will help you during Smartform development.

 Easy Step to Debug a SMARTFORM  

Step1:  Go to transaction SMARTFORM and provide the name of your form and click on execute.  

Step2:  After executing Smartform it would generate a function module. Click to display the function module.  


Step3:  Press source code tab of the function module. In the source code there is a perform GLOBAL_INIT.  

Step4:  In this perform all the code of initialization and program lines is displayed as perform. All the different program lines in the Smartform are available as “Form Perform” subroutines in the PERFORM %GLOBAL_INIT.. Here you can easily find your table and variable by find command and set session break point on it.  

*No need to use of Debugger Code (Text file) to debug a smart form.

Points to Ponder

Some more helpful points below for Smartform:  

Finding Test data corresponding to the output type  

A.    Go to transaction SE11 and enter the name of the table as NAST. Input condition type into KSCHL field.

B.    Execute and use value of OBJKEY.  


The value of the object key can then be used to look at the actual Purchase order / Sales Order etc. for which the Smartform was being developed.  

Configure your Smartform name to output type using Tcode V/83:  

A.    Go to transaction V/83 and Input output type and application area then press OK.  


B.    Now go to Smartform column and change the Smartform name as per the requirement and then press save.  


After saving your Smartform will be attached to the given output type.

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