Demo on Copies Window (Real time scenario)

Scenario: To print three copies of a particular document and the first copy should mention as Customer copy, second one as Bank copy and the third one say College copy. 

Create a Smart Form using the transaction SMARTFORMS. 

In this demo, we would print in the Copies window whether it is bank copy, company copy or others. 

Create a secondary window as shown below:


Select Window type as “Copies Window” as shown below: 


Also name your window and give it a proper description. Do not change any other settings. 


Adjust the window size using the Form Painter available on the application toolbar.


The variable SFSY-COPYCOUNT would provide us count of the copy whether it is a first copy, second copy and others. We would use this field to print the owner of the copy. 

We would define a string, which would hold the name of the copy (bank copy and others) depending on the value of SFSY-COPYCOUNT. Define a variable in the global definition as shown below:


Now select your Copies window, right click – Select Create à Flow Logic à Program Lines 


Enter the following code:

Do not forget to enter the variable TEXT in the output parameters. 

Now create a text by selecting the Copies window, right click Create à Text.

In this, just enter the field name as shown below by selecting insert field.  


Now include a text in the Main window as well with some content.


Save and activate. Test your Smart Form.

In the print preview screen, enter the number of copies as 3 


Check the output:


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