Issuing 'Original' & 'Duplicate' in Smart form Output

By Shweta Chavan, Hitachi consulting India Pvt. Ltd


Any output form, here we consider as invoice form, when very first time invoice is issued/printed it should print 'Original' as in image format in background of output. ONLY FIRST OUTPUT should print original. For rest all copies printed, it should print 'Duplicate' as in image formant in background of form.

Note: We can also print these 'Original/Duplicate' in text format. Images can be shown in larger size in background of text hence here we choose this option. Also if required, instead of setting image in background we can have separate graphic window.

How to Do it?

1.     First, we have to upload appropriate images for 'Original' & 'Original' using transaction SE78.

2.     Then we have to find which copy of invoice is going to print. Small logic has to be written in Smartform. There is no need to create custom driver program or change the existing. Using table NAST we can find this; you will see logic in below steps.

3.     Set background image of page in Smartform. (You can also set the image in separate graphic window if required.)

Steps to Follow -:

Step 1A - Upload images using transaction SE78 (Administration From graphics).

Select path: stored on Document server -> GRAPHICS -> BMAP.

While uploading, tick the mark for Resides in the printer memory & Compression. This helps in reducing memory size required while printing and printing time.

Upload images for Original. You can use 'BMP' or 'TIFF' formats.

You can see the print preview of image using print preview button.

Step 1B - Upload images for Duplicate. Follow same steps mentioned in step 1A.

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