Achieving control-break statements functionality in Smart Forms

By Phani Diwakar, YASH Technologies

Step1: T-code for smart forms is “SMARTFORMS”. Provide the name of the smart form. 

Step2: we can define user-defined structure in TYPES tab in the Global Definitions.  

Step3: Define the field string, internal table and global variables in Global Data tab. 


Step4: In the Initialization tab,  


Step5: In main window, create the loop as shown below. 


Step6: Now Loop the internal table.  


Create text element in this loop as show below. 


Step7: Execute the smart form, the output would be

Step8: suppose, if we want to know the item details sales document wise. To achieve this, we have to write the events in the loop as shown below.


And in the event on sort begin, 


In the text element, 


Step9: Now execute the smart form, the output would be 


Step10: Now the requirement is to sum the net price of all items of sales document. To achieve this,


And in the program lines, we have to add the net price. 


In the event on sort end, 


In program lines, 


Step11: Now execute the smart form, the output would be 

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