Using 'COMMAND' to achieve page break

By Gokul R, Iteanz Technologies

In some cases user will ask only specific number of records should be displayed per page, but based on space availability of main window data will populate. To restrict manually the number of records displayed per page we can use COMMAND.

1. Go to smartforms tcode and create a smartform, in global definition part declare the variables and tables as shown in above

2. Click on initialization tab, write the query and pass that internal table to output parameters

3.Click on main window and create table & also table line with 4 columns

4. Create assign table line for header and create text for each column

Cell1 = S.No

Cell2 = Customer No

Cell3 = City

Cell4 = Country Key

5. Click on main area and create a loop, give internal table & workarea as shown

6. Right click on loop and create command, followed by table line Create table line for the loop. we will get four columns now. Create text for every column

7. In cell 5 i.e first column, create a code by right clicking on that cell->create->flow logic->programming lines

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