Why Scripts are client dependent and Smart Forms are not

By Sirisha Vennelakanti, YASH Technologies

This blog is to understand why Sap scripts are client dependent and smart forms client independent. 

To output documents using the programming interface, R/3 application programs makes use of scripts or smart forms. 

By design sap script is a word processing tool which displays data on the form with the help of text elements where the logic of those is written in the print program and Forms were designed to be driven from print program, hence are often termed as client dependent. Smart forms are client independent. Bcoz it doesn’t use any text elements. it will be executed through a function module. When a print program calls a Smart Form, the form itself takes over to produce output, without any further direction from print program.  

Steps for creation 

Creation of Script 

Print program will determine the output document, the areas values, and the frequency of the output. The database access will be made in the print program which will insert them in the corresponding fields of the form. Script needs direction from the print program to print output. 

Scripts uses layout set that describes the layout of the individual print pages and uses text elements to supply definable output blocks, which a print program can call.  

Creation of smart form 

Ø       Design the form

Ø       Form Activation which returns Function module

Ø       Application program for data retrieval & calling Smart form. 

Application program calls the function module, the Smart Form uses the modules interface (which corresponds to the form interface) to transfer any table data previously selected and to print the form according to the form description. In addition form can have additional data selections.  

Further when you downloaded a script with the sap utility program RSTXSCRP, 



You can see a script has repeated transfer of control SAP script texts are usually allocated to an object from an SAP application. For example, there are texts on customers, vendors, and materials, whose data is client dependent and whereas smart forms uses call to the function module only once and all form processing is handled using the Function module.

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