Printing Total, Carry forward amount and Grand total in SAP Script

By Kiran Saka

This Scenario explains about how to add and print the page total, Carry forward amount for each page and also the Grand total at the last page. It also calls different Page orientation like PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE Format achieved by using SCRIPTS. 

Step1: Designing the Form layout in PORTRAIT Format using SE71 . 

In the basic settings of the form painter, select the orientation PORTRAIT Format as shown below.


Creating the page as shown below


Create the windows for the page. In this scenario created windows for the  

Footer      -     Displaying the Continue page

Headers   -     Displaying the heading for selected SFLIGHT details.

Main         -     Displaying the SFLIGHT Records

Var            -      Displaying the Page Header

Var1          -      Displaying the Date and Time

Var3          -      Displaying the Pages 


Paragraph Settings for Above Windows: 


Create the page windows:

In the Page Window, set the Dimensions of windows.

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