Printing Total, Carry forward amount and Grand total in SAP Script


In the text editor of main window, we have added the logic to display the number of records for a page (In this scenario 5 records per page) and also for each page displaying the page total, Carry forward total as shown in below. And also it prints Grand total at the last page.  


In the text editor of the Header Window - Displaying the heading for selected SFLIGHT details.


In the text editor of the Var Window - Displaying the Page Header 


In the text editor of the Var1 Window - Displaying the Date and Time 


In the text editor of the Var3 Window - Displaying the Pages 


Step 2: Designing the Form layout in LAND SCAPE Format.

In the basic settings of the form painter select the orientation LANDSCAPE Format as shown below.

This Format is used to print the instructions in landscape format.


In the main window of the landscape format include the text as shown below.

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