Conversion of Standard Text into OTF and ITF formats

By Prasanna, Infosys


It will convert the SAP Standard text into OTF and ITF formats and it will also download the converted files.

Step 1:

Create standard text using SO10

Click on Create button.

Step 2:

Next screen will be displayed, write the text which you want to display as per business requirements

Step 3:

Go to SE38, enter the program name RSTXCNVR and choose execute button.

The below screen will come.

Give the details of the text as shown below and choose “Convert to RAW format”

Choose Execute (F8) button.

Step 4:

Popup will be displayed with print parameters, enter the output devise as “LOCL” -

Choose OK button.

Step 5:

Then it will ask the location where to save the standard text “TEST”

Select the path where you want to save and choose SAVE button.

A success message is displayed at the bottom saying that

Step 6:

Similar way selects the radio button  “Convert ITF format” and choose the checkboxes List OTF and RAW data” as below

Then the converted data will be displayed on the report as a list as show below.

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