SAP Query

Step-by-step procedure in configuring SAP Query

SAP R/3 Query tools (SAP Query) are based on the following four main components:

  • Query Areas

  • Query Groups

  • InfoSets

  •  Administrative Decisions (Company-specific)

Configuration of the Query tools is done in the following manner:

  • Create Query Groups

  •  Assign Users to Query Groups

  • Create InfoSets

  •  Assign each InfoSet to a Query Group.

Create Query Groups

·        Go to Transaction SQ03.


·        Ensure that you are in the correct SAP Query area by navigating to Environment à Query Areas


·        Select the “Standard Area (Client-specific).

·        Now in the main screen, enter the name of the Query Group in the User Group field and click on CREATE  

·        Enter the description of the User Group in the next popup that appears.  

·        User Group ZSAPTECH_GRP is created. 

Assign Users to Query Groups 

·        Click on the “Assign Users and InfoSets” button  

·        Enter the SAP User-Ids of all the users you wish to include in the test group.


Click on SAVE to save your entries.


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