SAP Query for getting hourly background job status

By Jayanta Bej, Capgemini India

This SAP query is designed to get the hourly background job status updates, which are running in production. 

Step 1: Create user group. 

a. Using t-code SQ03, create one user group ZPROD_BEJ (Jayanta Bej's    User   Group).


            b. Assign user ids to this user group.

 Step 2: Create infoset. 

  1. Using t-code SQ02, create one infoset BATCH_JOBLIST_REPORT with the direct read from the table TBTCO and including key field only.

  1. Add two selection criterion S_JOBNAM (Job Name) & S_STRTDT (Start Date) and one parameter P_ENDTIM (Time) in the Selections tab.


     Details: S_JOBNAM.   

Details: S_STRTDT.


Details: P_ENDTIM.

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