Creating Ad Hoc query (HCM related infoset query)

By Rambabu Miriyala, COGNIZANT Technologies

The InfoSet Query is a useful tool for maintaining queries within the SAP Query and is suitable for developing queries and for ad-hoc reporting.

InfoSet Query is suitable for reporting in all areas of the SAP R/3 system. A special feature is the Human Resources (HR) component. When InfoSet Query is used in HR for ad-hoc reporting, the name Ad-Hoc Query is used instead of InfoSet Query.

Ad-Hoc query provides three different kinds of reports:

  • Basic List        - Simple reports

  • Statistics  - reports with statistical functions such as Averages, percentages etc

  •  Ranked List     - for analytical reports

The first step in the process of creating an Ad-Hoc query is to create a Functional Area. Function area provides special views of logical databases. They determine which fields of a logical database can be evaluated in queries.  

Go to tcode SQ03. 

Select Query areas

Menu->Environment->Query areas  


Select the radio button ‘Global area’.

Click on ‘Choose’

Create user group   

Here you specify the users who should be authorized to run the query. A user group is always associated with a Functional Area.
        - Go to the menu path Environment => User Group or SQ03 à Give a user group name in the screen. Specify the sap logins of the users whom you want to authorize for using the functional area and click on the Create button.

Select User group as ‘zdemo_user’ (Create Z user group)

Click on ‘CREATE’ button.

Pass short description click SAVE

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