Loading data into Infocubes

By Prashanth

  1. Navigate to the Transaction Code RSA1.
  2. Click on the “Modeling” button in the sidebar on the left. Choose “InfoProvider”.

  3. Expand the node “Integrated Planning” and also the node “Integrated Planning 30-55”. Open the Area assigned to you indicated by “Integrated Planning Area ##” (in this case its 55).

  4. Right click on the target InfoCube and select “Real-Time InfoCube Load Behavior”.

  5. Choose the first option and press “Enter”.

  6. Select “Yes” on the subsequent dialog box.

  7. Right click on the target InfoCube and select “Create Data Transfer Process”.

  8. A new dialog box opens. Select the source InfoCube as provided to you by the instructor.

  9. Select “Yes”.

  10. Press “Enter”

  11. Choose extraction mode as “Full” and activate the data transfer process.

  12. Go to the “Execute” tab and press the “Execute button”.

  13. Select “No”.

  14. Perform steps 5 and 6. Select the second option in step 5.

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