Creation and consuming of a WebService in SAP ABAP without using the obsolete transaction LPCONFIG

By Avinash Palavai, Atos India Pvt. Ltd


This article demonstrates the entire process of creation and consuming of a WebService in SAP ABAP.

There are few changes made by SAP in the screens of transactions like SOAMANAGER, that we see in the process of configuring the WebService definition and the transaction LPCONFIG, which is used to create the logical port in the process of consuming the WebService is obsolete.  

Now we come across this information message, when we run the transaction LPCONFIG,


So, this article helps out in following the new SAP screens and an alternative process of creating the logical port, rather than using the transaction LPCONFIG.  

The entire article is divided into two parts,

1.     Creation of WebService and

2.     Consuming a WebService in ABAP.                                     

PART – 1 :-  Creation of WebService in SAP

1.     Create an RFC. (Here I took an example of simple addition logic in the RFC).  

2.     Create a WebService from the above RFC.

3.     It opens the following Web Service creation wizard; enter the Service Definition name description.

4.     Check the check box Map Name.

5.     Select the security profile, which is the authentication method to be followed while consuming the Web Service.

6.     Save

7.     Click on complete. Now your Web Service will be created.

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