Configuring the Virus Scan Service for Knowledge Management

By Pinki Goswami, Capgemini India

Open Visual AdminàGlobal servicesàserveràservicesàVirus scan provider

Click on RuntimeàGroupsàNew

  Specify name “SAP” 

Configure Virus Scan Adapter           

Runtime ->Providers ->Virus Scan AdaptersàNew

Specify the name of Virus Scan Adapter as SAP 

 A virus scan adapter by name “VSA_SAP” is created. 


Now to activate that: Click settings 

Now for the Adapter path, download sdk…..

Login to 

Download NW-VSI  SDK 

Unzip file

Open Virus Scan Adapter SDK\VSA-SDK-1.0\vssap\dbg\NTintel

Copy vssap.dll and paste into C:\Windows\system32

Now specify this path in “Adapter Path”. 

Note: you can use other SAP partners too. 


Test the Configuration 

Now open  http://<hostname>:<port/vscantest     

 Virus Scan Provider Objects (VSCAN)  Select GroupsàSAPàGetDetail 


Select ProvidersàprovidersàVSA_SAP

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