SPAU_ENH Adjustments during SAP Upgrade

By Gokul Ragunathan, Infinite Computer Solutions

Enhancement Framework ensures that the standard SAP Source code is not disturbed/overwritten at any point of time. Instead this technology will plug custom code in between standard SAP source code. So whenever there is a version/patch upgrade, standard code might get overwritten or modified and this change might cause conflict between standard code and custom enhancement. Such cases can be adjusted post upgrade using ‘SPAU_ENH’ Tcode.

Note: SPDD is to adjust DDIC object, SPAU is to adjust repository objects (ABAP Objects) and SPAU_ENH is used to adjust custom enhancements

1.     Go to Tcode SPAU_ENH, It will list enhancements that need to be adjusted post upgrade.

Note: if no conflict exists for any of the enhancements, then we will get empty list

2.     Double click on the listed enhancement


3.     We will details about that particular enhancement in right panel  

4.     Now click on long text in the right panel, it will give you complete description of conflict

5.     After you have gone through this long text, close this and click on Conflict button.

6.     Now a split screen editor will be opened. Carefully analyze the code(enhancement) and if required make changes

7.     After checking an making changes, kindly click on Conflict button at top of split screen editor and save changes


8.     Once if the conflict is adjusted, we will no longer see Adjustment tab. It will disappear


9.     All the objects listed in SPAU_ENH should be adjusted in the same way, irrespective of their status (Traffic light signal – Green, Yellow& Red)

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