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Open Web link from SAP without coding

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


I was reading the article on on browsing the URL from SAP and thought can it be done in some other way. Then I started exploring the SAP and found that there is one more way for it and that does not require coding.

By adding the URL in favorites we can achieve it.


Let’s see the simple steps to achieve this.

Login to the SAP and open the SAP Easy Access screen. Click on Favorites -> Add other objects as shown below.

After that a pop up will come up. Select the URL type as web address or file and click ok.

After that add name in text field and then add the URL in Web Address field as shown below.

It will add the URL under favorite’s folder.

Now, simply double click on added URL and it will open your favorite website from SAP screen.

In this way without coding and by just clicking URL we can browse external websites.

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