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Translation of SAP Terminology using transaction SAPTERM

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


 In SAP business requirement varies across the globe and sometimes some business requirement is such that we need to provide a solution in various languages. For this we have Translations and once that is done we can view the development in that language. However, most of the times it is very difficult for developers to understand the SAP terminology in different language during the unit testing.

Hence, in order to get the corresponding word for that term SAP has provided the transaction code “SAPTERM”. Using this user can easily perform the necessary actions without looking for the translation over internet.


Consider a scenario where you have login into SAP R3 system in German language. You want to view the number of entries in MARA table and then continue you’re testing.

Open the transaction code SE11 and enter the table name MARA.

We don’t know what the term “Anzeigen” stands for in English. So instead of going to internet we can use SAP provided transaction code SAPTERM.

This is the initial screen of the transaction SAPTERM. By default Source language is English and Target language is German.

As we want the English word for Anzeigen, change the source and target language accordingly and paste it in Search Term and click on Find.

We know the meaning of the word Anzeigen and hence we can click on it and then do further actions accordingly.

In above screenshot we can see that apart from English, we have got the translation for that SAP term in different languages.

This is very simple example and hence we can easily identify the word would be DISPLAY. However, in complex scenario we may not easily guess the translation and hence this transaction can be handy for the developers/testers.

Also we can notice that the output will show word in source language in BLUE color and word in requested Target language in RED color. While the translated word in all other languages will be in BLACK color font.

This tool can be very useful for those who need to work on SAP R3 system in different language which they don’t know and still needs to perform some actions like testing, replication of issues in particular language etc.

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