Test drive an enterprise service from the system

By Suraj Kumar Pabbathi, YASH Technologies

Enterprise Service: Enterprises services are Web services that have an enterprise-level business meaning.

These are typically an aggregation of application (or Web) services of lower granularity, combined with simple business logic to support a step in a business process. 

How does a Web service differ from an enterprise service?

Enterprise services describe the broader business process logic. Web services are small, modular applications that use Internet technologies and are usually accessed as detailed functions in applications or enterprise services. There are agreed standards for describing and accessing Web services. (Web Service Description Language (WSDL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI). 

Sometimes you might want to test drive the enterprise service before downloading it to ensure you are consuming the right service with the right attributes and functionalities.

Using the same Service Operation respectively enterprise service we can test-drive the enterprise services with the Web Service Navigator  

Use transaction WSADMIN to enter the administration area for Enterprise Services


You will be directed to Web Service/ Enterprise Service administration for SOAP runtime window

If your Add-on is successfully deployed to your system, then the Enterprise Services will be placed under the SOAP applications for Proxies folder

You can select a particular enterprise service by clicking on the folder and choosing it from within. Now you are given one of the choices to view the WSDL rendered in your browser or test-drive the enterprise service via Web Service Navigator. For a case, let us test a Sales Order Display Application.


Let us do the following operations:

·         Test-drive WSDL (use valid and existing values)

·         View or download WSDL

Service Operation names in the ES Workplace have their counterparts in the backend system with their ABAP names.

Service Operation name: “Read Sales Order”


ABAP name/ Web Service Definition name: “ECC_SALESORDER002QR”

Hint: This Web Service Definition name is provided within the technical data section for a enterprise service or through the Service Registry

View or download WSDL

You have various options to view the WSDL. By default the WSDL you chose will be rendered in your Internet browser.

You can use either CTRL+F1 or click on the WSDL icon.

You can additional select SAP features to get these shown in the WSDL. When prompted for settings, you need to choose document style.


You’ll be shown the following WSDL.

You can save the WSDL by using the “save as” option of your browser. Note that the file extension has to be changed from XML to WSDL if you want to further use it in development. Your browser treats it as a regular XML file and therefore suggests saving the WSDL as XML file.



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