Working with Substitution Exit

By Priya Darshini Damarla, CSC

We can define your own validation and substitution rules to assist you during asset master data maintenance,  

Steps for Substitution exit when creating Assets: 

Step 1: Maintaining Substitution

Goto SPRO tcode for creating and maintaining substitutions 

Financial Accounting -> Special Purpose Ledger ->Tools->Maintain Validations/ Substitutions/Rules -> Maintain Substitution

Expand Asset Accounting , Select Master Data.

Click on Create Substitution. Specify Substitution name and Description.

 Click on save.

Step2: Creating Substitution.

Go to OACS tcode. Click on New Entries.

Provide Company Code and other details. Click on Save. 

Step 3: The program RGGBS000 has to be copied to ZGGBS010

 Step 4: The name of the form pool contained by your user exit must be stored in   

            Table T80D.

ZGGBSO10 should have form get_exit_titles with this entry

exits-name  = ‘U104’
 exits-param = ‘0000’.
 exits-title = ‘Test substitution’.

APPEND exits.

            Create subroutine U104 in ZGGSSO10.

       Form u104.

                 Code as per the requirement.


Step 5: Select the substitution and click on Create Step



Define Prerequisite


       Double click on the Exit U104. It will lead to the Program ZGGSSO10.

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