Introduction to Quickviewer (SQVI)

By Shelly Malik, HFCL Connect

QucikViewer (SQVI)
QuickViewer (SQVI) is a tool for generating reports. SAP Query offers the user a whole range of options for defining reports. SAP Query also supports different kinds of reports such as basic lists, statistics, and ranked lists. QuickViewer (SQVI), on the other hand, is a tool that allows even relatively inexperienced users to create basic lists. I have created a tutorial for SQVI. SQVI Tutorial

SQVI Tutorial

There might come a time that you want the information and it is spread in multiple tables. You can write a SQVI and get this info. In this tutorial we will write an SQVI to find out role assigned to users with full name of the users.
You can get role assigned to users from AGR_USER table and users full name from USER_ADDR. We will join both these table to get the result.

1.       Execute transaction SQVI

2.       Create a SQVI  (z_user_role)

SQVI_02 and SQVI_03

3.       Put a title and comments. Make sure that you select Table join from  Data source


4.       Click SQVI_05 to insert tables. Insert AGR_USERS and USER_ADDR tables.


5.       Select the correct join. Here we will join BNAME


Hit the back button

6.       Here I will select Role name and user name from AGR_USERS table and Full name from USER_ADDR, and also make user name as the selection field. So when I run the query it will ask me to list the users.


  1. Save the query and execute it. In the selection screen enter the user you want to get the info. You are ready with your SQVI query

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